October 01, 2016

Almighty and everlasting God, you are always more ready to hear than we to pray,
and to give more than we either desire or deserve:
Pour upon us the abundance of your mercy,
forgiving us those things of which our conscience is afraid,
and giving us those good things for which we are not worthy to ask,
except through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Savior;
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Collect for October 2- Proper 22

We come to October with joy – Look Around and see the magnificence of our valley and the world we live in! This time of year shows it off in a way that’s almost embarrassing – the white peaks, blue skies, golden aspen and cottonwoods, red heathers… all bathed in golden sunlight, warm days and cool nights. For respite from the trials, troubles, and worries that also surround us, we can sit and gaze at God’s Awesome Creation and find Peace, give Thanks, and leave Restored in Spirit. What a great gift it is to live in Colorado, to come to Plum Creek Valley, and to worship at our little historic church, St. Philip in the Field!

That is my paean to this inspiring time of the year – and I invite you to come any day to sit on one of our benches and gaze at the peaceful scene that unfolds before you – Perch Ponder Pray – the words affixed to our old wooden bench says it all.

We need this recharging to continue the good work we are doing, and to prepare ourselves to do with gladness more good works that God has prepared for us to walk in. October holds two Kairos weekends where our members will work in prisons to bring the 4 day program of introduction to God’s Love and Forgiveness to people inside prison facilities at Territorial and La Vista Correctional Facilities. Many more from St. Philips will come to Sunday “Closings” of the Kairos Weekend to show their love and support for those inside the walls whose lives have been touched and transformed by God’s Amazing Love.

We will continue serving the homeless and needy at St. Francis Center in Denver – third Saturday of the month. And we begin serving meals to the community at large as well as specifically those in need, at second Wednesday Community Meals at the Rock. Please make time to join this ministry whether you choose to cook, serve, host at a table, troubleshoot or welcome guests. You find yourself blessing and being blessed. In it all, we will be acting on the Gospel imperative to care and look out for the least among us, those in need, those who it can be easy not to see.

Finally, this month also ushers us into the final days of our liturgical year;  just as the days get short, leaves fall and trees are barren, and darkness and cold return to our days as well as our nights, so our readings point us to the end of Jesus’ life and ministry on earth. Yet, into the dark days that come with Jesus’ departure comes the promise of his return.

In it all, as the Collect reminds us, let us continue to pray, and to hold on to hope and forgiveness and mercy as we work together to continue to spread the joy and promise and love we find in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who walks with us even now, each and every step of the way. Thanks be to God!

Blessings, Beloved ~
Vicar Janet