March 01, 2016

March… in like a lion, out like a lamb…

Liturgically, this year, March comes in with the middle of Lent, and goes out with Easter. It is a time of change, as we move from the repentance, contrition, and reminder that we “are dust and to dust we will return” of Ash Wednesday, through the forty days of fasting, praying and observing our chosen Lenten disciplines, to the great celebration and joy of Easter.

In between, we will celebrate Chad, Gregory of Nyssa, and St. Patrick at Wednesday Eucharist services. If you are following Lent Madness, which I hope you are [], you know that along this way we are spending time with notable saints. Whether they are “Capital S” Saints like St. Joseph, or “small s” saints like each of us, we are reminded that God gives each of us a path. What I like best about Lent Madness is seeing that God’s saints are given dramatic jobs to do and paths to walk. And yet, through remarkably different circumstances, God’s goodness and mercy become known through the actions of the saints. It is both heartening and challenging to consider the many faces of a life of faith.

If you haven’t already been part of Lent Madness, not to worry – there is still a lot to come. In March you will have the chance to cast votes for people like Albert Schweitzer, Sojourner Truth, and Saints Clare, Columba, Roch and Joseph. So many inspirational people, and such arcane information and theological tidbits! You can spend the month not only in pursuit of your personal holiness via your Lenten resolutions, but in the company of saints and with a bit of silliness, too.

At St. Philip in the Field, we will complete two special offerings of Lent – The Language of God, and the C. S. Lewis based evening study entitled, Not a Tame Lion. Both have been thought provoking invitations to look beneath platitudes and mere words, and to delve into a consideration of life, faith, scripture, and our re- lationship with God. Our conversation has been rich with insights and questions and sharing. It’s not too late to begin, so don’t hesitate to join in.

We will be providing Easter Brunch Boxes again this year- so look for the announcement of how many boxes we will put together. The Task Force will distribute, as last year. It is such a joy to give gifts of life even as we prepare to celebrate the gift of life given to us. Thank you for feeding and giving hope and joy to some God’s Beloveds who are in need- it is truly holy giving – and in it, we journey more deeply into God’s heart of love and mercy.

Thanks be to God we are on this journey together – we are blessed indeed!

With much love in this Holy Season of Lent,

Vicar Janet