Welcome April! – April 02, 2015

March has been full and varied – even though it was Lent, we surely had a great time with the Potato Famine Supper and celebration of St. Patrick. But now, in April, we begin with the passion and power of Holy Week, the beauty and transcendent celebrations of The Great Vigil of Easter and Easter Day Services- flowers, smells, bells, music, Alleluias unburied and ringing out with abandon… I love it!

In these first days after Easter, the joy and blessing of the celebration seem to shine more brightly than we can take in.  We see signs of new life everywhere- in our physical sur- roundings plants begin to show forth their new leaves and blossoms as crocuses and hyacinths, Pasque flowers and daffodils and other early spring harbingers of the days of lushness and growth to come pop up and welcome us to Spring.  In our spiritual surroundings, Sunday readings are filled with the hope and unexpected joy coming to people who had despaired or resignedly gone back to “everyday” life – but in the days following the resurrection, one after another we encounter eyes being opened and hope being restored, as people find to their amazement… Jesus Lives!

The wonderfully joyful readings and message of Eastertide invite us to join in proclaiming, Jesus Lives! Jesus Saves! Rejoice ~ He is here with us!  This is the great news of Eastertide, and so we let the Alleluias Abound!  As wonderfully life-giving as that news was to Jesus’ disciples and followers then, the news and reality of it is equally welcome to us today – we too can become exceedingly weary, and wonder as did they after the crucifixion, was it all an illusion?  Where now, in this pain and tiredness, is The One on whom we hung our hopes?  If he is dead, what difference did it all make?

To these and so many more questions, Eastertide proclaims, Take Heart!  What once was thought dead, lives… what once was weary, is now filled with life… what once seemed as dead as that daffodil that’s a shriveled up, rotten looking bulb in the ground, is now a joyful yellow trumpeter of the triumph of life and Spring over the cold and bleakness and dark of winter. Trumpeters, arise!  We have Good News to share to the world….let’s go forth and tell out the Greatness of the Lord – Hallelujah!

With Love and Blessings,
Vicar Janet